A Stride for Excellence

Have you ever found yourself feeling like there’s more? Maybe you feel as though your not being used to your fullest potential. Recently I have found myself examining the different areas in my life. I realized that some things I do, I do great, others not so much. Obviously the things that I don’t do great I want to be great in; so I will do my best to improve those areas. After that revelation I then went back to the things that I am ‘great’ at. I asked myself, “Self, you are ‘great’ at these things, but can you be better?” I quickly realized that I stop short on a lot of things that still have greatness available.
This is what I thought about:
Excellence in the Workplace

I work at two awesome locations, where my supervisors or bosses don’t require that much from me. At least not that much that makes me want to quit because I just cannot take the brunt of the work. Now when I submit a project, they will either tell me, “Great Job” or “Try Again.” But on the times when they say good job, could I do better? YES! We can always do better, so I challenge you as well as myself, when you have reached the end of a project, how much further and how many more strides can you make towards perfection?

Excellence in the Church

I have recently been observing different churches to see how they operate, what works well, and what doesn’t. One thing I have noticed is that, when people are in their calling and doing what they love, they do it with excellence. Plain and simple. When people are out of their calling, things don’t work out so well for them. They have no interest and they are constantly having to fight a battle to get the results they want.

I recently went to a rock concert that some High School friends were a part of. The band before them was not all that great. They did not tune correctly, so when the guitarist went into a solo it clashed the whole time, providing pain to the ears rather than joy. The band members knew some stage presence but it was obvious that they were not feeling it. They based their emotion on the crowd response rather than the affection they had for the music.

If we applied this same principle to our churches, well they would not be on fire, no one would have a relationship with God, there would be no substance, we would just be going through the motions. BUT if we stopped going based on others reactions and grew in our own personal relationship, were able to enter into worship without there being an awesome band and light show, and could study the word without a pastor preaching it to us, I think that we would quickly realize there is more to this Christian life than we think.

So here is the challenge: if you don’t volunteer, try and get plugged in, even if it is just greeting once a month. If you are already plugged in see how you could improve the things you do, seek guidance and implore others opinions on your skill set. Just when you think your doing great push yourself more.


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