During my Junior year of High School I travelled to New York City with our school choir. While in New York I heard something I had never heard before…a real, deep, New York accent. Now I know it’s not a big deal, and I probably could just listen to one on YouTube, but let’s be honest…it’s not the same.
Now something that you’ll have to know about me is that I love accents. Even more than that, I love imitating accents! While on the trip I kept practicing my New York accent to make it sound authentic. When I got back home I put my practice to work. I was employed at a local fast food place and would let our drive thru customers think they were ordering from a New Yorker.
Have you thought about how an accent or dialect of the same language can almost be like its own language? How many times have you tried to solve a problem and everyone is saying the same thing in a different way? Sometimes it helps to hit the pause button, take a step back, and evaluate what everyone is saying.
Food for Thought: if you think someone else has an accent, what do they think you have?


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