Bad Week?

Do you ever just have a horrible day? And then that day somehow carries into the next, and the next and before you know it the week has gone by and you’re feeling like you’re in the slums of life.
After I recently had one of these weeks someone asked me if I could have done anything different in that week, what would it have been?
My first response was selfish and placed blame on the others involved in the situation. After I thought about it for a while I realized that I wouldn’t have changed much. Yes the hurt and pain was tough to go through, but by the end of it all the situation was given to Jesus.
It was a rough path to get it there but it got there. And once it was placed in the hands of our savior the whole thing seemed to be small in comparison to the greater call in our lives.
Just remember, no matter what you may face or trial you may go through, if it can end in the arms of Jesus it’s been a good journey.
A prayer thought: Trust that the Lord knows a better way to resolve your issues. It may not look like what you had in mind for a solution, but I promise it’s a better way.


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