“Breaking Intimidation” – John Bevere

John Bevere walks through the Bible and shows how intimidation and fear can cause your gifts (charisma) to lay dormant. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about repurposing your gifts for God’s calling, and discussed how powerful your talents can be when used for the Lord.
Now, I understand you’re looking at that time stamp and thinking, “I don’t have an hour to listen to something, Nathan.” I’m here to tell you that after listening to this message three times, you can find an hour. This message is full of great knowledge, encouragement, and Biblical principles that WILL change your life. I encourage you to find an hour with no distractions and change your life. Let’s live a fearless and bold life, alive in Christ!
If you have any input on intimidation or other resources, share them in the comments below. If you liked the message, share it with someone.


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