Brother and Sisters

I have been blessed to have younger siblings. I have two sisters and one brother. Growing up it was a amazing. No matter what, we all had three friends, each other.
As I’m approaching the end of this chapter and beginning of a new chapter, it is a bittersweet moment. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in a family that is closely knit together. I’ve watched my parents sacrifice for years to give my siblings and myself the best they could. As we’ve grown older together our times of bonding have changed. No longer do we play four square and kickball in the back yard. Our conversations no longer consist of fantasy worlds and wanting to go to the park and play tag. We now reminisce about these moments, and have turned the discussion towards budgets and careers.
The reality is that…we’re becoming adults, together.
Each one of us are unique and yet so similar it can be scary at times. We have all chosen a different school to attend, as well as a different career path. Our strengths and weakness are different. As much as I miss the younger care-free days of our childhood, I stand proud and excited to become adults with my siblings and begin our own families. Families with children that dream big and have their own unique character traits.
Although this new chapter has me away from my family on a daily basis, they are still my family and no matter what I do, we share blood. I write this today to encourage you to have gratitude for the family you have in your life. They are far from perfect. I know this because you are far from perfect. I am far from perfect. And therein lies the beauty of family. In the midst of our imperfections, we hold strong and fight together.
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