Ceilings that are Floors

What a cool concept, eh? I know it makes sense that a ceiling in one room is ideally the floor to the room above. But I heard this phrase on the radio one night while the DJ was praying. (Yeah, you read that right. Praying on the radio) As I listened to her pray for about 2 minutes, she said a phrase that practically jumped out of the radio and shook me. She was praying for the youth of the nation and prayed that “our ceilings would be their floors.”
Now I think that I have the coolest parents in the world, argue with me later, but they have always told me that they want me to start my life on the shoulders of where they are now. As in, not make the mistakes they made; take all the knowledge that they know and use it. Well, cool!
What really blows my mind is the depth of this statement…
First, ceilings and floors are in every room. Ceilings can be high or low, drop ceiling tiles or open supports, have lights or no lights, white or black, whatever the designer wants it to be. The floor can also come in different styles: tile, carpet, wood, vinyl, rubber…floors can even have lights built into them. Although they are different in purpose, they are each significant to the structure of the building.
What if instead of wanting to stand on floors all the time, we took the stance of a ceiling and made a platform for someone else to stand on. Let’s metaphorically stop standing and take a knee of humility to allow others the chance to grow. You may be surprised that in taking a step to help someone else grow, you grow yourself. This is what we call a win-win. This is mentoring.
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