The Decision for an Open Ceremony

I must planning a wedding has been so much fun, so much stress, so much joy, and some sadness. One of the stress points was the format of the ceremony and the guest list that was ever-growing. The original plan was to invite 130 people (which we thought was small) and have the ceremony in a barn with reception to follow. When we couldn’t get the list below 150, that option was gone.
Upon finding our final reception hall, the decision was made to have an open ceremony so that everyone could join in the celebration of what God has done and are doing in Merinda and my life.
Now that the decision was made you would think that all the stress and angst would calm down. Enter the thoughts of others. What would people think that weren’t invited to the reception? What if this happens, what if her feelings are hurt, what will they think about……
The thoughts consumed me for weeks, especially weeks while invitations were out and we were awaiting a response. This amongst other things, Merinda and I found ourselves trying to make this day as pleasing to others as possible. This thought process quickly drained the joy and excitement of planning such a marvelous event. Enter guidance.
After many different discussions with friends and family about the plans, some advice was given that helped sooth these thoughts. I quickly realized that when I thought about previous weddings I had been to, the most memorable thoughts were of the ceremony. The only time thoughts of the reception entered my mind were if something very funny had happened, and that was rare. Now, I understand I don’t think like everyone, but after talking with others, I realized this wasn’t far from reality.
With that said, Merinda and I will say “I Do” at The Potter’s House Church of God, Sunday, August 31 at 5:30pm. We would love for every person that has affected our lives to be there. We know that this isn’t a true possibility but we’re dreamers!
P.S. I’m know that there were many ways this wedding could have played out. At the end of the day we had to pick a path and plow forward. If you have any insight on this situation or situations of similar fashion, drop me a line here.


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