The Golden Rule

The other day my sister, Kaylah and I were lounging and watching TV. Out of nowhere we heard this noise that sounded like a stampede. Well obviously animals don’t run wild in our house. It turns out the sound was my little brother Seth falling down the last three steps. He let out a noise that sent Kaylah and me into a laughing mess. We then tried to be somewhat sympathetic and hollered to the other end of the house, “are you ok?” ending the question with a snicker. He responded with a sigh, “yeeeaahh.” We continued chuckling and went about watching our TV.

About 20 minutes later I had gone up to my room to grab my laptop. Well on the way down the stairs I slipped. I fell down not three, but six stairs (twice as many as Seth). As I laid at the bottom in an awkward position with my laptop to the right and my phone to the left, I began to process what had just happened. I then heard all the members of my family shouting, “are you ok?” I answered with a pathetic, “yeeahh.” I was hurt and my leg was throbbing. I really wanted someone to come help me up, or come check on me, anything! Well, is it any surprise that no one came? As I got up walked into the family room, I sat on the couch trying to ignore my siblings as they laughed at me.
I sat there in humiliation for several moments, and then began to think about how that situation could have gone differently. What would have happened if I had gotten up for Seth? Would he have come to my aid? I honestly believe he would have. I don’t think he stayed on the couch because I did, but there’s something about someone helping you that makes them want to help you without thinking twice. So next time I see someone in need, you bet I’ll be jumping to help them out.

Here is a simple rule of thumb for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them!

Luke 6:31, MSG


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