Hope in the Dark [Book Review]

Like many over the past year, my wife and I have had a few moments of “darkness” in our life. February 2021 we went through a dark patch in life. We found out at an 11-week ultrasound that our baby did not have a heartbeat. My wife had already taken a blood test and determined the gender to be a girl. Merinda and I were elated! We always felt that if God were to bless us with a third child that it would be a girl.

As you can imagine, the news of this rocked us, our family, our friends. We had already informed our 4-year-old that a baby sister was on the way. Left with the task of informing her that we were no longer expecting a baby here on Earth, but instead were given an angel that was going to be living in Heaven.

There’s no easy way to have that conversation.

There’s no manual on what to say, how to say it, or when to say it.

The darkness can be a scary place. So much unknown.

As I sorted through the grief and emotion of the news we received, I picked up a book off the shelf entitled, Hope in the Dark.

This book confirmed many of the emotions I was feeling and helped me know that what I was feeling was normal. Pastor Craig Groeschel, finds a great balance in encouraging but also sympathizing with those that are struggling to find hope.

The book was a quick read, about 1.5 days. Side note: I do not consider myself a speedy reader.

More Information: https://www.craiggroeschel.com/books/hope-in-the-dark


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