Learning to Ride a Bike Again

Have you ever heard the quote, “It’s like riding a bike; you never forget?”
Although this statement may be true in that you won’t have to go through the training wheels and fear of falling phase of bike riding, you will have to “knock the rust” off when you step back on that bicycle.
Now, I found that there are various types of bicycles, more than I had originally realized. You have:

  • Road bikes
  • Touring bikes
  • Commuter bikes
  • City bikes
  • Flat-bar road bike
  • Cross bike
  • Utility bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Racing bikes
  • Military bikes
  • BMX bikes

…and the list can continue. Google: types of bikes sometime and be amazed.
One of the bikes I recently discovered was a fixed-gear bike. Now this particular bike allows the rider to become one with the bike. When you stop pedaling, the pedals keep going. There’s no cruising on this thing! So if you can imagine myself jumping on this bike, riding down the street, naturally getting up to speed, only to find that I had to keep that speed up. Well, I didn’t. I took my feet off the pedals and the pedals kept going. Now would be a good time for me to mention that this bike had no brakes. In order to stop, one must slow the pedaling down, or….crash.
As I stare down at these pedals that show no sign of slowing down, I attempt to replace my feet on them and naturally slow down. I replaced my feet on the pedals and acquired a new bruise to the shin, but that was it. Sorry to break you heart, but I did not crash. I was able to get in sync with the bicycle rhythm and slow that puppy down.
Lesson learned. I should have taken things slowly and understood the bike a little more before going “all out” on the first ride. So yes, there are such things as riding a bike, things that you will never forget. But do not think that every bike is created equal.
Do you have a bicycle story to share? Tell me about it in the comments below, and maybe hit the like button? It’s much appreciated!


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