LIFE [fragile: handle with care]

The experiences of life are a grand thing. But one experience has been on my heart lately…the experience of death. I know, it’s not really a cheerful subject in many ways, but there are a few good thing in death. If the persona spiritual condition is known, and it’s positive, then Glory to God! Yet I find myself still questioning the reasons, “Why God? Why them?” It never seems like it was good timing. I know that with everything in me the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!
But if there is anything ‘cool’ to come out of death, it would be the persons testimony, and how they still impact people when they are gone! This just amazes me becuase they can’t speak words or perform actions yet the things they said and did while still on earth are still speaking! Are you getting this?! Our small stitch on the timeline of the world can still continue even though we are no longer present. It is always a crazy question, but if you were to die in 5 minutes, nothing you can do about it, how would people remember you? How would you want to be remebered?
Just something to think about.

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  1. Daryl Wicker

    Great reflections. What I’ve learned from your grandfather (Papa) is; live your life so full of Kingdom purpose that your church building isn’t big enough to hold the people who would come to support your family at the time of your funeral. -DSW


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