Mission: Not as Hard as We Think

Over the past few days, my heart has been heavy for the country of Haiti. Just watching the videos all over the news and hearing updates from the team my church had down there, it is just heartbreaking. On Friday when I was watching the news, I saw an interview that the station had with Maria and it made me break into tears. Hearing about how a whole nation that had little to nothing had just lost the little bit that they had, leaving them with nothing. When I saw this, it made me want to drop everything going on my life and just go down and hug some little child and tell them that someone loves them! Just the fact that there is not enough space to bury all the dead bodies is an eye opener to the destruction that happened. But as I came to the realization that I cannot just quit school or stop working, I struggles to come up with an outlet.
After talking with my friend Adam, I was reminded of Acts 1:8. We are called to go to our city and branch out from there. I am not by any means saying forget about Haiti or any other place in the world that needs help, but a missions trip does not mean you have to travel great lengths! I can take a missions trip to my neighborhood, to my school, and to my city. The beauty of it is it wont cost you thousands of dollars in travel. It may cost you a meal and some time, but your still building the kingdom of God and creating a relationship that will last for eternity.
The equation is simple: time + effort + LOVE = carrying out Acts 1:8!

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