Orderly Timing? No…

So as I have matured in life and grown in my walk with God, I’ve learned that the greatest plan I could ever dream of for my life will never be enough to satisfy me. You see, God is just so amazing that He allows me to think I know what’s best for me or what will make me happy, but then He steps in and takes my ‘awesome’ plan to an extra ordinary unbelievably amazing no other plan like it PLAN! He basically rocks my world in every way possible. The point I am trying to make is that I don’t know what I want or what is good for me!
The crazy thing about God though, is that He waits for me to get desperate and have no direction on what to do, he allows me to have free will. He does not invade my plan even though He knows that it will ultimately result in failure. But right when I reach the point where it seems like I can’t make it, He shows up and takes over, patching all the holes and cleaning all the blemishes off my wretched life. The even cooler thing about this is that the moment He takes over, is absolutely perfect. God never does anything on accident and is never surprised by anything that goes on. HE KNOWS ALL.
Basically one thing I know is that even when I try to seek God for guidance on a subject He won’t answer or carry out the final plan until it is the right time. As soon as I try to take things into my own hands, it goes south! Trying to run God’s plan is like writing the following sentence: ‘stop right first on left then’. The sentence could be, ‘first left then stop on right’ or ‘stop first left then on right’ there’s many other solutions to the puzzle but in essence, when you try to run God’s plan, it gets confusing and may even lead you the wrong way. Leave it to God and be patient because His timing is absolutely 100% orderly and never a second late.

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