Praise in Desolation

I recently had the opportunity to lead worship during the young adult service at The Potter’s House. The service takes place weekly on Friday nights and I normally just play piano. This week was different as I was playing and leading. The days leading up to Friday night it seemed like nothing was going right for me. Unnecessary stresses, unpleasant information was handed to me, and I had no clue what songs to pick!
It got to a place where I felt alone and insecure, two things that are not common to me. Even if I am physically alone I still know that the Father is close by me.
Not this time. I literally felt alone and by myself, not even feeling the presence of God.
As the leaders gathered for prayer we expressed requests and praises from the week and began to pray. Even in that circle of prayer I still wasn’t feeling the presence of The Lord.
For 15 minutes leading up to the start of service I simply just played and sang every now and again, whispering prayers to the father, one of which was, “even if I don’t feel your presence, I’ll still praise you.”
Well that got tested. I kept singing and still nothing. Felt like I was singing to an empty room.
It wasn’t until the middle of the second song (14 minutes) that I felt his loving embrace.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter if God is doing something for you, in this case letting His presence be made known. We were created to worship Him! And that’s what we must do no matter what our circumstance may be.


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