Repurposing Your Talents for God's Calling

You have talent

Believe it or not, I think you probably have more than one talent. You’re probably thinking…”Nathan, how can you say that? You have no idea who it reading this right now.”
I snagged a couple definitions off and here’s what I found:

  1. a special natural ability or aptitude: a talent for drawing.
  2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability: young men of talent.

Something else I noticed, the word itself is a noun, which if you remember from the early school days, a noun is what?

person, place, or thing

Last time I checked, you’re a person, right? Cool, so now that we have that established, you have talent!

What to do with your talent

There’s so many places to use our talents, where do you begin? Start where you are. Your home, workplace, hobbies, whatever activities you are already involved in. Once you’ve explored those options, do you have more talents that aren’t currently being expressed in the outlets above? Maybe start a hobby, find out what your local rec center has to offer.
I remember when I was an early teenager, our local rec center had a pottery class over the summer. It met twice a week and I loved it. To start with a lump of clay and form a bowl, cup, plate, abstract shape was such a creative relief for me. And once I was done with my hobby I had pencil holders, mugs, change holders, cereal bowls, and so on.
Another talent I have is making music. And that leads me to the subject of this post, how I can repurpose my talents for God’s calling. With this particular talent, I can make music that glorifies Him. Music can be made for any occasion, and that’s the beauty of repurposing! A different example is my ability to create digital art. As a graphic designer, I could literally design for anything. Magazines, signs, postcards, logos, newspapers, and the list goes on. Although I do use this talent for those purposes, I also use it to benefit the Church, by creating slides and invite cards, and again the list can go on.

Where your talent comes from

I realized something a few years back that is a pretty simple thought…my talent comes from God. So understanding that came from an almighty creator, I understand that that creator is absolutely capable of making a talent that can be used for multiple things.
So what talent do you have? Are you a warm, bubbly personality? Do something that involves working with people! Are you great with numbers and finances? Help you church with budgets and balance sheets! Are you a handy person that can build? Help your church build set pieces for the stage! Are you media inclined? Help your church create compelling media that will connect the world to the church.
How are different ways you can repurpose your talents for God’s calling?
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