Rocks & Revelation

In Matthew 16, we find Jesus taking his disciples on a 14-hour foot journey to the region of Caesarea Philippi and stops right at the area known as, “The Gates of Hell.”

It’s at this place that Jesus asks the question, “Who do you say that I am?”

When Peter responds with an answer from Heaven, “You are the Christ, son of the living God,” Jesus replies by saying that He will build His church on this rock, and He is giving us the keys of Heaven and that the gates of Hell will NOT prevail.

Three things:

  1. The Rock – Peter means “piece of a rock” and the rock that Jesus is building His church on refers to a large boulder. We are like Peter, a piece of the bigger picture.
  2. Keys of Heaven – represents authority and the ability to lock and unlock things. This is why Jesus said we will have the ability to bind and loose.
  3. Gates of Hell – gates are defensive. This means that we are to be on the offense spiritually and that when we offensively take on Hell, their defenses will not prevail. Simply put: we win!


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