The Best Day Ever!

Sometimes we need to be reminded that everyday is the best day ever! Be thankful for everyday you’re given, the home that you live in, the people you have in your life, your church, your means of transportation, be thankful that you can read this post, that you can breathe, that you are able to access the internet when so many people can’t, be thankful that you have clothes on your back and food in your stomach, be thankful that your sins are forgiven and that there IS  a God who loves you very much, be thankful that when we deserve nothing less than burning in an eternal fire, we have hope, we have a chance, we have grace and mercy, love, compassion, we have a God that desires our hearts, desires our love, desires our soul. I just realized that I wrote one long sentence, but it just poured out of me, so take it or leave it…Have a Great day…The Best Day Ever!!


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