The Truth in Writing Our Own Vows

With the wedding only 9 days away, I sit hear and reflect over the vows that I have written. I find it somewhat funny because I sat down to a blank sheet of paper and began to pen what I thought would be this magnificent piece of romantic, heavenly, vowmanship (yes, I made that word up). When it all came down to it, I wrote from my heart. And although it may not be eloquent, it’s the truth.
Sometimes the truth isn’t always a beautiful as we think it should be, but that doesn’t make it untrue. I suppose I can’t tell you the results of my vows until 10 days from now, but I believe that Merinda won’t care how graceful my speech is on that day as long as what I say came from my heart, and I mean it.
P.S. I will most likely cry when I read the vows, so they aren’t going to sound that lovely either. I couldn’t keep it together when I asked her to marry me, I doubt that I will be able to keep it together in this case.
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