Two Decades

So it is now official…I have been alive for two decades. Its a milestone I must say and I’m feeling pretty accomplished!
After 20 years of life, I can say I’ve learned a few things here and there, and here are my top 5:
First things first, God is what’s up! I’ve tried living without Him, I’ve tried living with Him. Living with Him in control of my life is definitely the way to go.
The Second is alike and very simple. Pray. I put up a sign in the video room at church that says, “When things don’t work, pray.” It comes in handy often. But take it step further and pray when things are great, let God know that you are grateful for the pleasures in life.
Third, family is extremely important. And I’m not just talking about blood family. I’m talking about the people that are close to you. From the siblings to the accountability partner, they all have great significance and have helped shape who I am today.
Fourth, if I’m not growing I’m dying. This one I actually learned recently. Reading is an easy and amazing way to grow. There is so much knowledge written between the covers of books, all it takes is a little time and an ambitious heart!
Fifth and final thought, sacrifice leads to great reward. Please understand that if you are sacrificing to get a big reward, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. I’ve been there, done that, it makes the sacrifice not worth it. But sacrificing comes in many different forms. Fasting and cutting out certain music and TV shows were some sacrifices that I took on this past year.
Well, that’s two decades down. With many more to come I can’t wait to see what each one holds!


  1. ronnie robinson jr

    Very well written my brother! Just this gave me motivation to start blogging so I too, can track my thoughts and progress in the vapor of life! Have a great birthday!

  2. Dad

    good stuff. I stand here with puffed out chest.


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