What Made Jesus Different?

What a question. Have you ever thought about it? I know, the answer is probably obvious, He was God. True! But have you ever thought about His human side? The side of Him that relates with us.
Looking at his life, Jesus was persecuted. That means he had enemies. People didn’t like him. They called him out public in an attempt to embarrass him.

  • He got hungry; Matthew 4:2.
  • He needed sleep; Luke 8:23, he slept through a brutal storm on the sea.
  • He had confrontation with his family; John 2:4 his mom starts the water into wine affair.
  • He wasn’t welcome in his own town; Mark 6:1-6.
  • He lost loved ones and shed tears; John 11 Lazarus dies, Matthew 14 John the Baptist is beheaded.
  • He was let down by his close friends; Matthew 26:26-46 his disciples cant stay awake and pray fro him.
  • He was mocked; Luke 23:35-38 the crowds mock him and placed a sign above him on the cross.

He went through a lot if not everything we’ve ever gone through in our lives, but what made him different?
Well for one thing, his reaction to these situations was always elegant:

  • When he was tempted to eat after fasting, he refuted the temptation with scripture.
  • While his disciples were panicking during the storm, he woke up and calmly dealt with the situation.
  • When his mom asked him to do something he didn’t want to do, he didn’t argue with her, he did as he was told.
  • While receiving the persecution in Nazareth, he didn’t’ get physical or join in the chaos, he walked away can continued on his business in another town.
  • When his close friends passed away, he took some time to mourn their loss and then continued on his work.
  • When his disciples couldn’t stay awake and pray, even after asking repeatedly, he continued to pray.
  • When he was mocked and persecuted, he stayed silent and took the pain.

He practiced what he preached. He lived his beliefs through his actions. He knew who he was and what his purpose was; he never doubted either of these things. He was in love with his Father.
I think this is why he saw the miracles he did, sure, he is God. But the disciples weren’t God, and modern day christians aren’t God and yet we still see miracles happen today.
Jesus was completely confident and had no doubt. I think that’s what made him different. At the moment that we have complete faith in God, I think that’s when we will begin to see the miraculous happen, that’s when we will have unusual God encounters with strangers.
We need to be different. We need to be confident.
Here are Jesus final words to disciples before ascending back to Heaven:

“But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.” Acts 1:8 [AMP]


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