Why Do We Serve?

Today I had the joy of listening to message by Jentzen Franklin that talked about volunteering. He completely renewed my reasons and meaning behind my volunteering. I currently volunteer in the Media Department at my church, (The Potter’s House) and quite simply put, I forget sometimes why I do what I do. But the just of his message was that everyone has a gift. A lot of people use these gift in the world to help themselves prosper, but he pointed out that we should use these gift for the kingdom. Another great point that he made was that, the Sermon starts in the parking lot. As soon as people step on the church property they should be experiencing the different parts of the body of Christ! There have been so many times when I show up to church just wanting to get through it. After listening to this message I thought about all the times that services went really well for media, and when I was on my “A” game. All these things happened when I didn’t try to be good but rather when I came in with a servants heart, when I worked for God and not me. As part of the media department at The Potter’s House, I am a part of the Body of Christ. (Maybe I’m the eyes? idk) BUT I do know, as illustrated by Jentzen, that if a part of the body gets cut off…the body will continue to grow but the severed part will wither and die…not growing, only dying. As soon as I think that I can make it on my own, I’m signing my death certificate. I encourage us as a body to do everything with a servants heart, because when we do things out of SELFLESS motives God will reward us whether it is on Earth or in Heaven. And sometimes our reward is just purely joy for doing something for someone else. Basically in a nutshell, we should do everything for others as if we are giving them a gift, and I do not mean be arrogant and think of ourselves as the gift but rather our services. If someone needs help, help them. Think of yourself as in their shoes, how would you want to be treated? Treat others as yourself and the favor will be returned. I’ve been studying 1 Corinthians 13 and to sum it up, you can have everything and anything in the world, but if you do not have LOVE you have NOTHING. LOVE LOVE LOVE, its the most important thing we can do for others.

Divine Enablement Sermon here is a link to Jentzen’s sermon, check it out, its only 20 minutes.

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